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Online Training and Education Inc uses WebMentor LMS a feature-rich learning management system that is consistently rated as a low-cost, high-value solution by talent management analyst Brandon Hall. The WebMentor LMS solution enables your organization to deliver quality learning courses and assessments, easily track learner activities and certifications as well as manage registrations and e-commerce. Online Training and Education Inc uses Avilar technologies WebMentor LMS as an easy-to-use, straightforward and cost-effective solution. Today, Avilar has clients in the private, public and government sectors ranging from 50 to over 100,000 users.

"We have reviewed WebMentor many times over the years, and we are continually amazed at the level of functionality available in a system at a very cost-effective price." -Brandon Hall LMS Report

Key WebMentor LMS Capabilities

Blended Learning Track all learning activities of your employees. From web-based courses, instructor-led courses, or on-the-job training, WebMentor LMS categorizes and tracks the varying learning activities of your organization.

Assessment & Content Creation Tool WebMentor LMS enables organizations to create tailored, web-based courses and assessments to support unique learning challenges, organization-specific training, certification support, and training aligned to corporate goals. Sample Reports & Screenshots

SCORM AND AICC Certified Online Training and Education Inc is committed to being an e-Learning standards leader. In fact, WebMentor LMS was the first LMS to be recognized as certified SCORM compliant by ADL. To ensure your SCORM courses will run flawlessly, WebMentor LMS includes a SCORM Debugger Tool to help you analyze the SCORM commands and improve the performance of your courses.WebMentor LMS supports courses published in the popular AICC format from the Aviation Industry CBT Committee. Many LMS vendors claim to support AICC. Find out why it's important to understand what that means, and why you can be confident that the AICC support in WebMentor LMS is strong. Avilar encourages you to be a "smart shopper" for your next LMS. When you talk to a vendor who claims to comply with AICC/CMI guidelines, ask for proof!

Certification Management Track current compliance measures by managing different types of compliance, tracking employee certification status, creating custom and printable certification certificates and defining certification criteria.

Competency Assessment Determine training needs based on skill gaps, build individual development plans to close skill gaps and create competency-based training initiatives that are aligned with corporate objectives.

Adaptable Learner Interface WebMentor LMS allows you to adapt the learner interface by turning features on and off, adding external links, and creating a customized look and feel to meet the specific needs of your learners.


Realize Your Workforce Potential.

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Online Training and Education was formed in 2001 and has grown into an experienced, successful company by focusing on the unique needs of each individual customer. Over the years, WebMentor LMS has been the recipient of many industry awards including the Excellence in e-Learning for Customer Satisfaction award from Brandon Hall and eLearning Magazine and was cited by Training Magazine as a top “Price-to-Value” Solution.



WebMentor LMS supports the needs of a diverse range of corporate, government and educational organizations in industries such as healthcare, association, training, manufacturing, finance and technology. Online Training and Education staff identify the unique needs, goals and characteristics of each customer and provide the best solution for a given budget. This approach pays off when you measure training ROI.


WebMentor LMS was designed to be easily implemented and flexible to meet the unique needs and budgets of varying organizations. Both a hosted ASP solution and an installed software solution are available. Today, many customers choose the hosted ASP solution as no IT resources are needed.


WebMentor LMS Features

  • Blended Learning Management
  • Content and Assessment Tools
  • Runs Custom and 3rd Party Courses
  • SCORM Certified
  • Student Records Management
  • Administrative Roles Scalability
  • Course Evaluations and Ratings
  • Tailorable Look-and-Feel
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Ability to Create curricula, Course Sessions and Instructor-led Courses
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Completion Criteria Checks
  • Certification Management
  • Print Certificates upon Completion
  • Student Transcripts
  • Fully-Integrated e-Commerce
  • Collaboration Tools such as E-mail Notification, Bulletin Boards and Discussion Forums
  • Group Assignment for Curriculum
  • Wait for List Capabilities
  • E-Mail Notifications for Course Seat Availability
  • Capability to Manage Financial Transactions and Display Financial Reports
  • Payment Receipts for e-Commerce Transactions
  • Support for Multiple e-Commerce Merchant Accounts
  • Manage multiple, learning portals
  • Back Office Interoperability

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To speak with an Online Training and Education Inc representative for more details and a demo of WebMentor LMS, please contact us.

Online Training and Education Services

Strategy and Implementation
A great product without the proper services is not a great solution. At Online Training and Education Inc. we understand that our client’s end goal is launching a successful learning management solution, integrating it into a broader workforce planning model, and making it an ongoing part of the client’s organizational success. With many years of experience, our professional e-Learning consultants provide strategic planning and implementation services as well as training and support to ensure success.
Hosted ASP Solution
We use Avilar’s Hosted ASP solution so you can quickly get an e-learning solution up and running without the costs of technical infrastructure and IT resources. You obtain the full benefits of WebMentor LMS while lowering your total cost of ownership. The Hosted ASP Solution is ideal for many organizations when calculating ROI for training. Experienced Avilar personnel set up and run your solution, maintain system performance and availability, perform database and system administration, and provide secure data processing and backup.
E-Learning Content Development
Online Training and Education Inc develops e-Learning course content for customers in the style and structure that meet their specific learning needs. By having Online Training and Education Inc content developers author your courses you can achieve high-quality, cost-effective training while devoting your valuable in-house resources to other tasks. Development services include instructional design, graphic design, writing/editing, broadcast-quality audio and video, and re-purposing of existing course content.

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